Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Wednesdays are Date Days in our house. That is Bill's usual day off during the week and since Michael is in school, we save the expense of paying a babysitter, and enjoy lunch out, which is typically considerably less than eating dinner out. It fits better into our budget and we still get to enjoy some time together, just the two of us. We might go shopping after lunch for a little while until it's time for Michael to arrive home on the bus after school, or we can work on projects around the house, whatever the week's needs dictate. This past week was some Christmas shopping.

As the one in charge of the family budget, Christmas and birthday shopping fall mainly on my shoulders. And, yes, I even do most of my own Christmas shopping, which is more convenient since Bill works so much and has little time for extra excursions. I know what I want, how much we can afford to spend, and have more time to shop for the best deals. Bill gets mad that he doesn't get to surprise me, though. Isn't enough that he gets to be surprised at what he bought me? Apparently not...

We entered the mall through Dick's Sporting Goods. It's one of Bill's favorite stores with all sorts of Steelers apparel and golfing goodies. I like the running gear but I'm too cheap to spend what they charge. I could easily whisk right through Dick's and get on with more realistic shopping, but Bill likes to linger. He doesn't get to shop often, he savors his time in the store. (I can't go to Lowes with him either...painfully slow browsing over tools and hardware and manly-man what nots...I have dinner to cook, dear!) But! On the way out of the store something caught my eye, hanging on that ever tempting endcap at the check out...Oh so clever, these display planners are! Breath caught and my heart skipped a beat and I grabbed Bill's arm, eyes all little girl big, "I want THESE for Christmas!"

I LOVE squishy socks. You know those thick, plush socks, kinda like slippers but not (I don't like the ones with the grippies on the bottom because the grippies hinder indoor ice skating on bare wood and tile floors--a girl needs to slip 'n slide!) They come in all sorts of wild rainbow color combinations. I usually stock up on squishy socks every fall, a good half a dozen pairs as that's all I wear through the winter. I love my squishy socks.

So, there, hanging on the check out line endcap, was a selection of some of the finest squishy socks I think I've ever laid eyes on. Yaktrax Cabin Cozy Socks. Actually knit on the outside then plush lined and aloe infused, heaven for your feet--I didn't even want to take my hands out of the socks, they felt so good! These I must have for Christmas!

"I hate you," he said. "You always have to know everything you get for Christmas!" Hate is kind of harsh coming from the one who promised to love you forever, in squishies and in health....those are the words, right?

I understand he wants to surprise me and it's not that I don't appreciate it. I do! I just fear his idea of surprising me will be some exorbitant piece of jewelry that we can't afford and that seems senseless when the only places I'd really get to wear it are church, Walmart, and Aldi's. Squishy THOSE have a place in my life! And so much better for our budget! Yaktrax are on sale right now at Dick's, buy one get one free for $11.99! Yeah, that's my kinda spending! I picked out two pair, purple and pink striped with snowflakes, joy overflowing my heart and squishy sock soul. I'll wrap them and stuff them under the tree for Christmas morning--I know just the box I'll use, too!

He did buy me something the other day, texted me that he was buying me a Christmas gift. I remind myself to NOT look at the Discover statement when it comes in the mail so I won't ruin whatever surprise he's gotten for me. I need to give him that much and trust he won't go too overboard with spending. Truly, he knows better. The real issue is me giving up the control for once and letting him have a little leeway. After all, it's only money, right?

 Yaktrax Cabin Cozy Sock - Dick's Sporting Goods
The most wonderful squishy socks in the world!!

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  1. I do all my own Christmas shopping too, mostly because the only store Jeff willingly goes into is Tractor Supply.


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