Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's Lesson

As much fun as it might be to Zumba to 'Linus and Lucy' while making chili for dinner, I don't really recommend it. As I Zumba'd across the kitchen floor, shaking and swaying to a sassy Salsa step, the can of black beans I'd propped in the electric can opener finished its orbit and promptly dumped into the open silverware drawer below. Black bean juice splattered the wall and pantry door and puddled on the floor. Sweet Pea was quick (for a Basset) to lend a hand, or rather a tongue, to help clean up my mess, lapping away at the grey juice that trickled down the cabinet front. I dumped out the silverware tray and washed all the forks, and knives (fortunately the spoons had been spared), scooped a pile of beans from the drawer and gave it a good wiping, swabbed the wall, cabinet, and pantry door while Sweet Pea endeavored to lick the floor clean. Poor thing ended up with black bean juice all over her ears-yuck! Ah well, better a few calories burned than none at all. And fortunately there were plenty more beans going into the chili, so the few that spilled shouldn't even be missed. That silverware tray was overdue for a cleaning anyway. All's well that ends well...

I don't know where my day has gotten to. It's almost two in the afternoon and I've barely made a dent in the laundry, beds are still stripped bare, and I've not dusted a thing! I thought I was off to such a great start: breakfast parfait at six, run on the treadmill at seven, even in the shower, dressed and ready to drop Bug off at school before scooting to Walmart and Aldi's for the week's groceries...then it all kinda just went off the radar from there. Next thing I knew it was lunchtime, then had to toss the chili in the crockpot (and down the kitchen wall), more laundry, and knew I better sit and blog before the day was completely out the window! My To-Do List still waits, looking at me sarcastically, wondering when I might get around to scratching a few things off...I might just have to make it wait a little while longer for having such a poor attitude! After all, who's the boss here? Huh?

I applied to be a Child Ambassador for World Vision (um, there's a couple of you who might be getting phone calls to verify I'm not some chili wall throwing psycho nut case--Tom and Diane...cover for me??) I don't know what all that entails, other than organizing a day at church to talk about child sponsorship and trying to recruit sponsors, but something made me fill out the application. Why not? Maybe this is what I'm meant to do (again, Bill shaking his head, sighing...I'm so thankful he loves me...I love you, dear!!) After all, Target didn't want me...Who knows. Whatever's meant to be will be, right?

All right, I really should get going. If it so moves you today, click on over to World Vision and take a look around their website. You might just find a child who needs you, or another way to help if you can...even if it's just to pray for a child waiting on their site. It could make all the difference in the world.
Famine no more

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