Monday, November 28, 2011

So Loved

So much that I’ve been reading lately in books and devotionals confesses God’s amazing love for me, for all of us. A while back I read Francis Chan’s Crazy Love, then more recently, Rob Bell’s Love Wins. I’m currently in Song of Songs in my morning Bible time, which oozes God’s love. Devotional after devotional speaks of how much God loves us, how much He wants us to wake up and LIVE in the awareness of that love.

We run about, so busy in our day to day lives. We go to church every Sunday, attend Bible studies. We have our morning quiet time, reading Scripture and remembering our daily prayers. We volunteer and act the good Christian act. But are we fully living in God’s love? Do we really appreciate the immense intensity of how much He actually loves us?

If we could be more aware of just how much God truly, deeply, passionately loves us and opened our hearts to really experience that overflowing wash of love, released ourselves into feeling, soaking, breathing that love and actually living and enjoying the intensity of that kind of relationship with God-imagine how that would change the face of our world? Can you picture how others would view Christians then-these crazy, happy LOVED people…and to possibly embrace the thought that God loves all of us that much—not just the 'good' ones who show up for Sunday services every week…every single one of us.

You know how you feel in the first few months of a new romance? For those of us who’ve been married a while…try to remember those early days: the tingling, the excitement, the rush! You feel like you’re dancing on air, as light as a feather, everything sparkles and the world is so beautiful…remember? God loves us like that. Do you know it? Can you feel it? Imagine the world if we could all be aware of that love….

A couple videos from Francis Chan to really make you think:

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