Friday, November 25, 2011

No Black Friday Here

One blessing of having a cold and dosing oneself with nighttime cold medicine is the inherent gift of a full night's sleep--aaahhhh....Even after waking up at two to let Tucker out, I fell right back to sleep with nary a second thought as to the midnight madness going on in the dark at Walmart, Target, and the mall...Nope, I soundly slept right through all the retail insanity this year. Mind you, Michael had different ideas and about quarter to four he flicked on the hall light to announce HE was up and ready to head out--for what? Nothing. We need nothing this year that would lure us out into the wee hours of the night, so I don't feel bad about not taking him this year. I admit, it was fun after we made it out of Walmart intact last year, even in the freezing cold, drizzling rain, splashing through dark glassy puddles, and winding our way to a hot breakfast at McDonald's, savoring victory over a caramel mocha latte and hot cakes swamped in syrup, eavesdropping on other shoppers stopped in for a warm up break and caffeine recharge, wondering where our next line of attack would take us. And we did hit up a few other stores, unsuccessfully, but only because we'd already bought the one thing we'd gone out for: Michael's DS at Walmart. There was really no need to continue, but lemming-like, we followed the crowds until the sun came up, then headed home to whisk Daddy out the door to work as we climbed back in bed to warm our weary wandering bones for a few hours until someone had to do something about starting the day normal...Aahh, memories!

Not so this year. My head is too stuffy to want to be out in the mad mobs, procuring more germs and spending money on unnecessary gifts...Most of my Christmas shopping is already done and anything I still need can wait for a much more reasonable hour of day, when the sun is up and the air is warm, and the crowds have taken their craziness home to bed once more.

I need to go grocery shopping later, swing by Petco to pick up peanut butter chewies, but that's the extent of my list for the day. Of course, Cyber Monday is just around the that's my kind of shopping--home, in my jammies, no crowds, no check out lines, just a quick click on the credit card--dangerous is what that is!! Better to double check those lists and budget bottom lines before hitting the laptop--happy shopping, all! May you find exactly what you need!

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