Friday, October 14, 2011

You Gotta Laugh

Truly yesterday was one of those days that all you can really do is laugh at the misfortune. To top it off with falling on my behind and breaking a couple toes...just the icing on the cake. I couldn't let Bill have all the fun and agony of the day--I was taught to share nicely with others. He may at least have pain killers to see him through his torture of passing the kidney stone, but they wore off around three this morning and the poor guy was really suffering again. It took a while for the next pill to kick in but he's back to sleep and snoring softly now. Looks like I'll have company again today since I don't think he should be driving to work under the influence of pain meds. As for me, my toes have slightly swollen and turned a lovely shade of dark dirty purple. No running for this girl today...Fortunately it's not my driving foot, so I can at least still get out and finish the week's errands. All is not lost!

The good news, I guess, is that kidney stones are usually passed within 48 hours, which would put us at about the halfway point. I can't imagine having to endure that amount of pain for much longer than that. It's apparently comparable to child birth, without the epidural, and well, that's just plain not fun at all! The doctor only gave him twelve pain pills so they must be fairly confident that things will move along swiftly. And after Googling images of kidney stones (that's frightening all by itself!) I have to confess, I'm more than a little curious to see what this thing is gonna look like!

I'm truly grateful for everyone's kind thoughts, prayers, and offers to pick up Michael from the bus and keep him while we waited at the hospital. It's a great comfort to have such a wonderful support system! Please continue to pray that Bill's stone passes quickly with the least amount of pain and resistance. And hopefully today will be considerably more boring than yesterday!!

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  1. I sure hope that they pass quickly! Jay's had a couple bouts of them, and they are truly painful--and he's a big stoic when it comes to pain. When I told him the size of the one Bill has, Jay said, "Does the doctor think he can shoot a 25 caliber bullet down a BB gun sized hole?" I just had to crack up on that one! Hope Bill feels better soon! And your toes do too! How in the heck did you do that?! Love and hugs, Em


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