Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Name It

So, again, cheating today. But it's my dad's birthday today and I miss him but I don't want to go on about that here, so an easy meme I found about names from Squidoo--what a great site that is! So, okay...Playing the Name Game today:

Your name? Dawn

Your nick name? Mom (does that count?)

Do you like your name? I didn't always. I resented being named by my birthmother for the longest time--as if she had any right to bother naming me when she didn't have the least desire to keep me. My adoptive parents wanted to name me Diana but our next door neighbors had a daughter Diane, so to avoid seeming like copy cats, they left me as Dawn, which actually is cool because my dad was Don so we kinda had a special connection with our names...All his brothers had sons that were Jr's, all named after their fathers. He had me. So, yeah, I like my name now regardless of where it came from.

If you could change your name what would it be? I always liked boy sounding names for girls, like Dani or Sam--haha, Dawn....never thought of that being a boy sounding name, but I guess it is!

Mother's name (can sub father)? Donna--yeah, phone calls were a little confusing when I lived at home. Do you want Don, Dawn, or Donna??

Grandmother's name (can sub grandfather)? Mom's side was Ethel, Dad's side was Dorothy. Grandfathers were Mom's side Raymond and Dad's side August.

Children's names? Michael and Ashlee

Do they have any nick names? Michael is Bug, Bugalicious, or sometimes Michelangelo. I think Ash's mom calls her Sweetness. She's also Sissie.

Pets' names? Ruby, Sweet Pea, Tucker, Brodie, Blinkie, Skye, Crash, Burn, and Squiggie

Your pet's nick name? Ruby is Boo, Sweet Pea just gets shortened to Pea or Peaster, and Tucker is Finn (short for his middle name-McFinnigan) but Bill just calls him Idiot. The birds don't have nicknames.

Your best friend's name? Emilie

Nick name for your friend? I never gave her one...have to work on that!! Sorry Em!!

Favourite name for a boy? Michael, obviously

Favourite name for a girl? Faith

Name of your car? I didn't name my Sportage....or did I and I just can't remember?

Favorite Place Name? Home

A final little thought on names...I remember when I was growing up I was completely obsessed with the names Charles and Casey for whatever reason. Charles turned out to be a family name in my birth family and I have a younger sister, Kacey, that chances are I'll never get to know...but funny how those names penetrated my life even being apart from my birth family....That's all!

Happy 75th Birthday Daddy!! I love you!!!

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