Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Vision

The weekend I went to the Women of Faith conference, I took advantage of an opportunity presented there by World Vision to sponsor a child in need. My child is a beautiful little nine year old boy named Kiran who lives in an area ravished by HIV and AIDS in India. I was drawn to his photo by his deep, dark brown eyes-they just captivated me and I knew he was meant to be my child. I filled out the sponsor card and brought his folder home with me that weekend. A couple weeks later, I received my sponsorship kit, which included more information about Kiran and his family, a pamphlet about living conditions in India, and suggestions of ways to pray for Kiran, writing letters, simple gifts to send and information about how my sponsorship will change and benefit his life and his community.

I went online to the World Vision website this morning to send Kiran an email. I thought that would reach him quicker than a handwritten letter and I wanted to let him know how excited I was to be his sponsor, fill him in our little family and promised to send him pictures of all of us soon. While I was on their website, I discovered there are hundreds of other ways aside from monthly sponsorships to help out children in need all over the world, even here in the United States. I was amazed at all the programs World Vision sponsors. There are individual programs, group, youth, church and family type programs, corporate sponsorships. They offer tutoring and after school programs here in the States, emergency disaster relief programs, there's even a Knit For Kids program where you can download a simple pattern to knit or crochet a sweater for a child. There are so many ways to help, I hope this will encourage some of you to find a way to open your heart to help a child in need today.

The World Vision web address is Please take some time to look and prayerfully consider how you can have a positive impact on a child's life in need.
My Kiran

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