Friday, October 7, 2011

Letting Go and Letting Dad...

In a few hours I'll be on my way to Pittsburgh for two days at the Women of Faith conference. I'm really looking forward to going and experiencing all that the weekend holds in store. I've been packed and ready for days! I've written notes and more notes and scribbled more notes on those notes for Bill about taking care of Michael and the dogs and the birds...and yet there's still that nagging voice in my head that I've forgotten to tell him something...

But Bill has done this before. He has a beautiful twenty-four year old daughter from his first marriage and he did just fine taking care of her on the weekends and vacations after he and his ex split up. He has raised dogs before as well. He is perfectly capable of seeing himself, Michael and all our critters through my two day absence. I know this. Yet there is that Mom-control thing I am fighting with to let go. No, he won't straighten up the house like I would. He wouldn't cook the same meals I would. The dishes may not get washed as promptly as I would do them. The dogs may not get fed on exactly the same schedule this weekend. But will anyone be the worse off because of it? No, and I am well aware that my household will survive while I'm's just hard to let go. Even for a little bit.

It's gonna be such a great weekend. For all of us going to the conference to hear and share in God's Word and love. For all the hubbies and kiddos experiencing Mom-freedom for a couple of days to do as they please, staying up later than usual, eating junky fast food meals and watching scary movies that Mom wouldn't allow (she's so MEAN!!) Maybe not brushing teeth or washing faces before finally crawling under covers for the night (the horror!) A time for all to refresh and reflect, to gather and grow, and to appreciate all that we have together all the more for that little time apart.

I'm gonna miss my guys and my babies. But I know they'll all be okay without me for a couple days. I'll be home again soon enough...

Crazy Bug

Tucker's chaise lounge

Isn't he beautiful??

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