Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying New Things

I know I'm running late today--way late. I can't believe it's almost two...But, I've been making myself sleep later the past couple of days hoping in turn that I'll be able to stay up a little longer at night. Halloween doth approacheth and I want to be able to trek around the neighborhood with Michael and the Pea Bee in tow, gathering all sorts of treats and yummies. And a friend is also having a Bible study at her house tonight, which doesn't start until 7:30, normally my heading to bed time...not at all my heading out into the world time! But, I really need some time out with friends doing something I would enjoy myself, not just family stuff. Bill gets to go hang with his buddies for Steeler games, sometimes he just takes his bike out for a ride just to escape a while--sort of like I did this weekend. Usually he's not as peeved as I was, but he's better at getting out and blowing off steam and socializing than I am, which I think probably makes him better able to manage his moods. I always stay in. I always keep my feelings in. Until I can't handle it anymore and I need to explode. So maybe a little time out with friends once in a while will help me not feel so cooped up and not so frustrated all the time. It's at least worth a little rearranging of the sleep schedule...and the rest of my day schedule...I'm so anal about my routine! But my weights were still waiting for me after I dropped Michael off at the bus, and the Zumba dvd's were next in line. Quick shower and a dash through the rain to Walmart and Aldis, home in time for birdie playtime while my potato baked for lunch. Finished up my daily chores and I still even have time to blog well before Bug will be home from school. It's all good and I'm really looking forward to time out tonight with friends--I need a little pick me up to shake off some of my recent grumbly gloomies.

But there's more new things on the trying block today. The nutrition guide that came along with my Zumba set suggested using protein powder in a couple of their recipes. I've never used protein powder, but I do know from tracking my food on Spark People, that most days my protein intake is seriously low. So, I thought, why not give it a shot? I ogled all the different protein powders in the diet and nutrition aisle at Walmart, trying to figure out which was the best buy. They all come in ridiculously huge jars and range in price from $15-$30, depending on the brand you choose. I picked one of the lower price range brands-I'm a confessed tight wad--what if I didn't like the stuff? Then I'm stuck with this huge bottle of yuck and out thirty bucks?? Yeah, not gonna happen. But the one I did end up choosing actually had less calories and grams of sugar than some of the more expensive brands and a higher amount of protein per serving--and isn't that the point? The protein without all the sugar and calories? So, I was admittedly paranoid, thinking less sugar could potentially mean less tasty...I could still be wasting $17 on a huge jar of junk...As soon as I got home and put all the groceries away, I had to whip up a glass of the protein shake to see what I'd gotten myself into. Good news-it was actually really good! Whew! Sigh of relief...another bullet dodged. I don't know what sort of difference this stuff might make in trying to lose weight but I'll be sure to let you know any positive progress!

Another little goodie I came across in this morning's devotions was a monthly habit tracking chart. I've been bothered lately by the fact that, once again, I am accomplishing nothing. I've been really good about blogging every day, but that's still not earning me a paycheck. I need to work on something publishable. I also need to work on getting through my computer training books. I could list a gazillion other need to do's that loom over my head every day, but those seem to be the two most pressing points for now. So, I tried to find where or how to download this habit checklist, but the website post is from 2007. You're supposed to sign up for their email list but I'm thinking this could be hopeless waiting for a response from a four year old posting...Instead, I've tried to configure my own new habit list in Excel (those computer training books haven't been a total loss after all!) I'll post a picture of their sample to give you an idea...maybe someone else might want to track some new habits out there as well?

Here's the link to the site for anyone willing to try waiting with me for an email with the actual link to the habit chart: You never know, right? Starting new habits are the first baby steps to progress!

These are just a couple shots from our street, final fall glory:

This tree is so much prettier in person-at least the little Halloween decorations are cute!

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