Saturday, October 15, 2011

Modern Convenience

Bill "accidentally" deleted my Greys Anatomy as it was taping Thursday night. Yeah sure..."accidentally"...He makes fun of me because I get so intensely involved in the show, reminding me, as he laughs, that it's not real. I don't care--I've given entirely too much of my life to watching this show, real or not, I feel personally afronted when something goes wrong in the characters' lives. I just want everybody to be happy...and for Owen to go far, far away....Still, I believe he was genuinely sorry for deleting the new episode and frantically searched for another time it would air so he could tape it again for me. Only problem, they don't re-run the current season's episodes until well after the season has finished. This isn't one of our reality shows that they air over and over again during the week, just in case you missed it or need to reschedule the taping because one can only tape two shows at any one given time and if one wishes to watch another program at the same time, you can only be taping one show to allow changing the channel to other said program and a certain somebody with a cruel, unrelenting kidney stone gets rather peeved with me if I'm taping two of my shows at the same time on a night when he could be watching one of his shows...DVR's are both blessing and curse. It's wonderful to have the convenience of recording and saving our favorite programs, especially since I am no night owl and most of my shows air well after my eight o'clock bedtime--I would miss everything if it weren't for the DVR!! But we've also had a good share of arguments over who's taping what and when and hogging up the TV so someone else can't watch what they want...not like there's not a backlog of shows already taped to watch while coinciding shows are currently recording....But, one must be considerate of the others in the household and share, share the DVR alike.

So, all that blathering said, still my Greys was gone. I believe he caught the first minute before deleting the episode into oblivion. Why he saved that minute, I don't know, so I deleted it myself while taking off some of Michael's older recordings of his shows, which needs done daily since he has the most programs recording every day. The DVR only has so many available recording hours and he takes up a pretty good chunk with his cartoons. And we dare not miss any of those!!

Fortunately for me and the rest of the sorry folks who have favorite show deleting spouses, many programs can be watched online now--free! And aires, thankfully, the newest episodes of Greys for their fans' viewing convenience along with some of their other popular programs. I was saved! You almost don't even need cable anymore if you think about it, just catch up on your shows online! And did I mention it's FREE?! Kinda makes one wonder just why one dishes out well over $100 a month for that cable bill....hmmm...Seriously, hmmm!!!

So, snuggled in bed last night (okay, evening...night isn't officially until well after I'm asleep!!) I propped the laptop on my, well, lap, and watched my Greys--with LESS commercials! I've been so spoiled by the DVR and being able to fast forward through commercials, that I can't stand to watch 'live TV' any more and having to actually sit through all those annoying ads. And it hit me this morning how lucky we are to have these conveniences so readily available! I don't think even a year ago I could've caught up online with a show like that-so quick, so simple! I'm honestly amazed at what the internet now offers...there no longer needs to be any fights over who missed what show, just watch it online. Very cool.

To watch this week's episode of Greys Anatomy, click here:

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