Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Fizzle

I finally went down to the basement yesterday to dig out our Halloween decorations. We don't have a lot. I bought a couple new things last year but also lost my favorite piece to a trick-or-treat accident, which I can only hold myself responsible for. I had found this awesome terra cotta jack-o-lantern and kitty some years ago that I absolutely loved. Over the years and through our many moves, it endured some abuse and cracks. Bill had glued it back together for me a couple of times. Wear and tear on Halloween decorations almost adds even more character to the pieces, it becomes part of their charm.

Last October, I put out our decorations: a ghost and cauldron by the big tree out front, a giant spider climbing on our livingroom picture window, bought a new Halloween flag to hang, some orange lights to string, a few pumpkins to carve surrounded by gourds we gathered at our friends' farm, and my terra cotta jack-o-lantern and kitty propped on a corner of the front step railing, looking out over the yard to greet any visitors. It sat there all month, perfectly fine and safe. The railing is made of fairly thick lumber and the corner post is easily as thick as a railroad tie, so I wasn't a bit concerned about the jack-o-lantern taking a tumble to the concrete steps below. I was sure it would be fine on its perch. And it was, until Halloween night.

The sun slowly set and I took my Zombie Michael out trick-or-treating with Sweet Pea in tow. Sweet Pea is a fairly sociable dog and everybody loves Bassets so she gets lots of "Ooo'"s and "Oh she's so cute!!" Pats and scratches and dog families would give her treats. We even went costume shopping for her after Halloween last year and found her an adorable bumble bee costume on clearance for three bucks so we can dress her up this year. Halloween is her holiday to shine.

So off we went and made our rounds of the plan where I run: plenty of houses and little side streets in the middle. Michael really cleaned up on the candy. At the end of trick-or-treat, some folks were even dumping the remains of their candy baskets and bowls into Michael's bag so they wouldn't be left with loads of temptation the following day. Sure, I'll face all of that for you--thanks so much! Just what my fat jiggly thighs need! He was very pleased with all the goodies he got and Sweet Pea was happy to finally be heading home, her short little legs tired from our night's adventuring.

Sadly, when we did arrive home, I found my favorite jack-o-lantern kitty smashed beyond repair on the front steps. Bill had to work that night, so no one was home to greet trick-or-treaters or give out candy. I had left the lights off so the kids wouldn't bother trekking up our stairs. Still somehow, at some point of the night, the jack-o-lantern got knocked from its perch and broken. No witnesses around to let us know how it happened. No matter, it couldn't be fixed anyway. I swept up the shards the next day, and sadly pitched them in the garbage with the rest of the trash. I've tried to find something similar to replace it but haven't had any luck.

So yesterday as I was pulling out the rest of our decorations, I just felt less than enthusiastic about stringing lights and hanging the flag. I put our ghost in the tree and the giant spider climbs the wall by our front door. We need to go pumpkin shopping soon I guess. Michael picked out a shiny golden skull mask to wear with his vampire cape, so he's all set. Maybe it's just that the weather's been too cold and rainy to get to enjoy very many fall activities yet this month. The trees and leaves are breathtaking. I need a good trek through the woods to absorb some of the season's beauty to boost my enthusiasm perhaps. Who knows, I might even find a suitable replacement for my jack-o-lantern at one of the pumpkin patches around least I'll know not to perch anything on the railing this year.
Pea Bee

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