Friday, October 28, 2011


You took me in and raised me,
As the daughter you’d never have.
You loved me when the one who had me couldn’t,
And gave my heart a home.
You kissed my boo-boos,
And dried my teary eyes.
You read me bedtime stories,
And gave me piggy back rides.

You’d draw with me,
Laugh with me,
Encourage me,
Teach me,
Dance with me,
Hold me close and love me.
The years they flew,
And so I grew.
Went off to find my way.
But no matter what,
I always knew,
You’d save me any day.
Three years now,
That you’ve been gone,
I miss you every day.
Your laugh, your smile,
The silly things you’d say.
You taught me best,
How to love and give,
To those who need it most.
The material things don’t matter,
But the ones in your heart hold close.
I love you Daddy, with all my heart, forever.
I’ll always be your little girl…

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