Monday, October 3, 2011

A Blessing Challenge

A little while back my friend Missy sent me a link to the most wonderful blog, A Holy Experience. Every day the author, Ann Voskamp, shares such beautiful posts along with stunning photographs of her family, the farm where they live, or trips they've been on and relates all of it back to the love and grace of God. It's not your typical devotional site, it goes way beyond that and becomes breathtaking art that I can't wait to enjoy every morning over my cup of coffee in the stillness of the early day (as still as it can be with Tucker and Sweet Pea arguing over their chewies...*sigh*) And as icing on the cake, Ann posts the best lists on the weekends (yes, I'm a list freak and this totally feeds my soul!) Things to do with your family, ideas for getting the most out of the time on hand and truly enjoying the moment and season, crafts to share, songs to lift your heart and more. I've been sharing the links on my Facebook page, but I know I don't always catch all the links my friends share, so I just thought I'd give Ann's site a little plug here because it's been such a beautiful blessing for me, maybe this post will encourage a reader to enjoy that blessing as well.

One of the items on Ann's list this weekend was a blessing challenge, daring you to tuck a little something in a brown paper bag, tagged with this printable and bless someone with a simple gift. Her suggestions: a candle, popcorn, one cookie, a love letter, a book, a caramel apple, a smiley face, a leaf, a pen, a heart shaped stone, a gratitude journal, anything! And to "be part of the revolution giving Him thanks and glory!" I was game! I had one last zucchini from our garden and decided to bake up a few loaves of zucchini bread to share with our wonderful neighbors who are blessings to us year round.

It was a perfect day for baking. The first weekend chill of fall had set in and it was too rainy to be outdoors hiking in the foliage or going on a hayride at any of the local apple festivals. So I broke out my loaf pans, preheated the oven, and baked up some delicious bread blessings. The house soon smelled of heavenly fragrant cinnamon and vanilla. When the loaves were done and cooled on wire racks, I wrapped them up, tucked them in bags with the tags I had printed out and sent Michael off to deliver our gifts of thanks. We do have the very best neighbors and I'm glad I had the opportunity to give back some of the love and thoughtfulness they've so generously given us.
holy experience

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