Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am going to my first Women of Faith conference this weekend and I can't wait! I've wanted to go to one of these for years but never had the opportunity. But now that we've moved home again, the conference finally booked a stop in Pittsburgh at the Consol Energy Center and our church got a little group together to go, myself included! And my sister-in-law booked a couple tickets to be with our group but they might have had their seats changed so I'm hoping we'll still get to sit together or at least see each other there for a litte while anyway! The conference begins Friday morning with a break for dinner that afternoon, then again that night and all day Saturday. So not only do I have an inspirational faith filled weekend ahead of me to look forward to, I have two days out of the house and am spending Friday night downtown so we can be up and at the conference again bright and early Saturday morning. A weekend away....I haven't had time away from home like that for a few years-the last time was an LWM retreat in Tennessee, which was a lot of fun and a beautiful weekend at a gorgeous camp overlooking a pristine lake while the camp's horses roamed the fields, grazing in the early morning fog. Take your breath away beauty...I could've stayed forever.

This weekend's Imagine tour includes five Christian speakers: Lisa Harper, Angie Smith, Luci Swindoll, Kim Cash Tate, and Sheila Walsh; two musical guests: Natalie Grant and Mary Mary-who both I LOVE!! And Henry Cloud and Nicole Johnson will also be there. My sister-in-law Wendy has gone to the conferences before and absolutely loved them. I really hope I get to share this experience with her. At least I'll be with friends from church, great company either way!

So I started packing last week, trying to figure out what all I'd need for the overnight stay. Bought a bunch of travel size toiletries to bring along and some cute new jammies (love jammies!) with matching squishy socks. I found the perfect size notebook to tuck away for notes and scribblings, along with a few new pretty colored pens to play with and doodle. I don't think I'm bringing the laptop-the boys can play at home. I'll have my tablet anyway, so that should suffice. I printed out some notes for Bill and Michael about feeding the dogs and the birds, getting Michael to bowling on time Saturday morning and gave Bill the money for the league fees and 50/50 raffle. I advised him Michael will want to go to McDonald's if he bowls his average or better-that's always been our deal. His average keeps getting higher, making it harder for him to reach it every week, we all need a good challenge. Right now he's trying to hit his 300 series-I hope he makes it even if I'm not there to see him do it. I did offer to plan meals for them but Bill said no--he jokes about gentlemen's clubs and Japanese steak houses...*sigh* I'm sure they won't go hungry without me.

Oops, just remembered I didn't make any notes about morning vitamins, treats or chewies for the dogs (as Tucker tries to bury half his chewie bone on his pillow...) Better go do that! I can't wait!!


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