Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday 9: If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right)

1. Has you ever done something that you knew was wrong, but because of love or lust, did it anyway? 'Has you ever??' Grammar much??? Yes I has. We all go through that stupid phase of life. Then you grow up and know better. Or at least most of us do.

2. Do you take longer to dress for a special event? If I care about it, yes.

3. Do you consider yourself a good driver? Yes.

4. If you won Powerball, what would be the first thing you spent it on? A house! In MA! So we could get this freaking over with already!!

5. How much of the Olympics have you watched? Why? None. It's stupid freaking sports, like who cares??? And now it's football season, hell hath begun...

6. Have you ever changed your appearance because of a random happenstance? I don't know what that means...

7. Do you consider yourself attractive? Yes, I do.

8. If you started your own religion, what would it be like? ?? What kind of question is that?

9. Have you ever given up too easily in the game of love? No. If you have to give it up, it's not love.


  1. I missed the has... Don't let it ruin your Saturday....

  2. Happy Saturday Dawn -

    How did you do at the art show? I was expecting the posting of a blue ribbon/trophy. Evidently you are being modest and not wanting to brag and show off.

    I will make a deal with you, you can have the Powerball and I will settle for the Megamillions. I really do not need a lot of money, but you and the family need to get to MA.

    Enjoy your Harry Potter weekend. I am on the downside of the Olympics since the bikini show is over with.

    This group of questions made very little sense, so you are allow to answer anyway you wish.


  3. Heeheeehee.. you're fitting in around here quite well :)


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