Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Gratitude

I rolled over and looked at the clock, 1:25. Not good. Room in full dark, a skinny little shape is standing silhouetted in the doorway, "Can I sleep in your bed?" Froggy hanging limp at his side. My first thought is no, he'll just keep me up with his wiggling and squirming and 'accidentally' nudging Sweet Pea sleeping soundly at my feet, just to prompt a grump from her, his arch-nemesis. And I really need sleep...the days are long enough, a full night's sleep is like gold anymore.

But something in me pulled back the cover and let him climb in. And we giggled as he fake snored and we foot wrestled under the blankets, stole each other's pillows. I even managed to confiscate Froggy, for a little while, anyway. The days are long, but these moments are so short, fleeting. He's almost eleven. How many more times will he want to curl up beside me and giggle in the dark? These moments: more precious than gold...and we slept...

Continuing counting to 1000 Gifts this morning:

549. Kiran's Annual Progress Report, which also means a new pic for my fridge!
Is he not the cutest?! And as skinny as Bug! Love that sweet face!!
550. Weckerly sweet corn for dinner, the blessing of kind, thoughtful neighbors (love you Bud!)
551. All caught up on cleaning--yay!
552. Roast beets and left over corn for lunch (don't tell Bud--it's a sin in these parts to eat corn more than a few hours old...)
553. Butler Farm Show-the best of which was Lulu, half-sheep/half-dog--she was so sweet! I am in love with a sheep!! And kettle corn...can't resist the KC!! Ah sweet salty crunchy delight!!
554. Help from Bill's folks with downpayment funds. Now if only we could settle on a house and have them accept our offer--is that really so much to ask???
555. God's will on my heart--I am willing and trusting You to make it possible...and to soften Bill's heart and others' involved...
556. Prayers from so many loving friends
557. Discernment and goosebumps
558. Watercolor pens! New joy!
559. Serving at Katie's Kitchen--beautiful faces, delicious homecooked food, lifted hearts and spirits
560. Car cruise! Well, it pretty much got rained out, but the (561.) ice cream was a welcome treat as we waited for the storm to pass.
562. Perfect seventy-one degree day!
563. Harry Potter weekend--again. It never gets old. How many times can I watch these movies? Apprarently countless!
564. Zendala time (this is a quick sneak peek for Wednesday's post, but I thought you might like to see the progression....)
Finally decided on a design and all sketched in


Black and white

Colored at last-viola!

My little tangle spread as I watched Harry yesterday afternoon--double the joy!
 565. Mid-night Bugga snuggles...sweet silliness and giggles

Join us in counting your blessings today?

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