Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Connect

Being a stay at home mom, I think it's ultra important to find ways to stay connected to the outside, adult world. My trouble is that I like hiding at home, safely sequestered away, and I honestly think, if it weren't for Michael, I might not ever leave the house at all, or try to connect with other moms or friends.  Of course, if it weren't for Michael, I'd still be out in the working world, forced that way to connect with other people...

Technology is making it easier and easier to be disconnected, at least on a personal, face-to-face level. I talk less and less on the phone, happier to shoot off a quick text, status update, tweet, or, if I have the time, an email. Email has become inconvenient--had you noticed? We have less time for people. But what are we doing that we've become so busy?

But technology has also given us other greater ways to connect. Once I started blogging, I quickly found ways to link up with other blogs, drawing inspiration from prompts, themes, and memes. I've even made several, okay 'virtual' friends through blogging, but friends all the same who share similar interests. And now I've discovered a whole slew of art blogs that encourage creativity, offering weekly or monthly prompts, tutorials, challenges, and there as well we link up to connect with each other, check out what everyone else is doing out there in the creative world and so stirs the inspiration pot.

It may not be everyone's ideal way of being connected, but it's working for me, and it's helping keep me sane this year, and reaching out rather than hiding away. How do you connect?
Five Minute Friday


  1. yes, i get this. and don't discount those "virtual" friends. some of mine are very close friends, indeed!
    it is a hard balance to strike, for it is so much easier to connect from the couch, right? LOL!
    i think the challenge is in doing both. using our online relationships to spur us on in our in-real-life relationships. and don't be afraid to pick up the phone on occasion, even though it IS easier to send a quick e-mail or text, etc. that is what i've been finding, anyway.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

  2. An excellent point, I find myself more "connected" online than I ever felt in the "real world." I prefer the quiet to noise and find that I think and feel different from a lot of people out there. I am connecting more to the outside world at this time. However, I will do it my way now. If other's think my way is wrong, that is their problem.

  3. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more..i found your blog thrue other follower...blessings


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