Saturday, February 11, 2012

She's Back

Well, it is five days post surgery. I've been home for two days and this is the first morning I hadn't woken up in the middle of the night needing pain medication and, in fact, haven't had to take anything since I woke up at four, a little over two hours ago! Progress! No doubt I'll need a little to get through the day but considering the previous nights' pain, today's outlook is already much brighter indeed.

So, unfogged by hydrocodone and muscle relaxers, I thought I'd take advantage of a clear brain to write a little before the rest of the house wakes up. And, actually, they already are awake--Bug and Grandma snuggled under covers in the office, talking and giggling, Tucker waiting patiently at the baby gate in the hall to be permitted into the little love party going on in the other room without him (how dare they!!)

I'm happily watching the snow accumulating outside. I confess I was disappointed when I awoke and was able to see the trees through the top of the bedroom garden window, it not being occluded by the snow I thought we would get overnight. I guess it was delayed a few hours as it's certainly coming down quite steadily out there now.

I have quite a bit on my plate to catch up on once again, especially after being indisposed for the better part of a week! Aside from the house being a hairy, dusty mess--which, I know! I'm not allowed to do anything about for another couple of weeks...But I'm trying to organize a regular outline for my blog; I did get a letter sent off to the prison ministry right before I went into the hospital and am waiting for my first inmate response; and I received my Child Ambassador package from World Vision with five beautiful little faces in need of sponsors and a deadline of the end of February to find said sponsors! I need to get on the ball! Easier said than done with my mom here 'helping', which also entails giving my time and attention that I would direct otherwise during the day...And! The best of the best, I got my first issue of Bible Study Magazine yesterday, which I've been so looking forward to--Ravi Zacharias is interviewed in this issue! I'm excited about new eyes into Scripture with this magazine!

But I know I have to take things slow and easy, even if I don't feel like I need any pain medication...I have follow up appointments with the neurosurgeon and my PCP, along with xrays and other tests to see how well I'm healing. I'd be much happier if swallowing didn't still hurt so much. All in time, all in time...At least I feel like I've got a foot back in the game today!

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