Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Gift of Friends

I truly have the best friends in the world. Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to head to bowling, two things bothered me: the snow covered roads, and having to be out in public with this ugly cervical collar.

It hit me how we unconciously stare (glare?) at people who are handicapped in some way--those in wheelchairs, crutches, slings, and, more so, cervical collars. For some reason, maybe due to too many TV shows about people trying to cheat insurance companies with fraudulous whiplash claims, I have associated people wearing cervical collars as liars and schemers. And here I am, stuck wearing this hideous thing for at least the next two weeks--liar and schemer screaming around my neck. Maybe God is trying to teach me a lesson about judging others by outward appearances?? He has quite the knack for teaching us humility...

He also has quite the knack for showing us love. As I was busy getting dressed, I received a text from my dear friend, Missy, telling me to have Michael or Grandma check the mailbox for a little breakfast and bling...Not what one typically finds in one's mailbox, but I sent Bug out into the snowy morning to find out what treasure she had left for us. Michael came back in bearing a Target bag filled with a variety of homemade muffins and an envelope containing the most precious gift: a purple knit cover for my cervical collar blinged out with paw prints in rhinestones--coolest thing ever!! I quickly slipped it on over my collar, grinning giddily--I couldn't wait to show it off at bowling!! How instantly my outlook had changed from shame to joy--that is a gift of love! And the muffins Missy made are pretty tasty, too!

We still had the snowy roads to contend with and my driver--my mother--hasn't driven in snow for at least the past three years. The last time she'd been home for winter was the year my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and they couldn't escape to Florida while he was undergoing treatment. My other dear friend, Jenn, came to our rescue in that regard. She and her boys, who both bowl on the same team with Michael, graciously offered to pick us up and bring us home, saving Mom and I both a huge amount of stress over Mom's lack of snow driving skills. And we even managed to squeeze in a Sheetz run for coffee, donuts, and free M&M's before heading to the bowling alley--definitely a bright way to start the day!

So, #94 in my counting of a thousand gifts, is love from friends, who I'm sure have no idea how much better they made my day yesterday with simple thoughtfulness and selflessness...I am truly thankful God has blessed my life with these women!

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