Monday, February 6, 2012

And Away We Go!

Today's the day...I woke up a little after one and the brain started racing with what lay ahead for the day. So I broke the doctor's orders and took a quick Ativan with a sip of water to help me get back to sleep for a few more hours anyway. Sitting here without coffee is the worst!! I hope someone will have a big hot cup of steaming sanity waiting for me when I get out of recovery--please!!

I got my pens and jammies yesterday. Everything is packed and ready to go....books, magazines, pens, tablet, notebooks, squishy socks, MP3 player, chargers, hubby's bathrobe (so I have something of him with me...) Phone and tablet are charged.

I just want to eat!!!

Thank you so much to everybody for your kind words of support and prayers--it really means a lot and has helped lift my spirits the past few days. If you don't hear anything for a few days, I left the laptop at home...still haven't decided...I could take my Harry movies....maybe....

Talk to ya'll soon!

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