Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous. Bug had morning bowling and we stopped for lunch at Lukulos Pizza with our new neighbors and friends, the Gormans. Chris and Carol's two boys both bowl, Jacob and Michael on the same team, then Collin is on a younger team. The boys all bowled well, despite Bug's insistence that he did horrible (he thinks he does everything horrible and I don't know how to get him over that...) But the pizza was really good and the prices unbelievable--the three of us ate two medium two topping pizzas, and with two drinks the total was ten dollars! We'll definitely be going back there, especially considering it's parked right next to the bowling alley. No more McDonalds for after bowling lunches! (Can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah??!!)

The morning's drizzle had finally dried up and the sun was shining glorious late autumn warmth and splendor over New Bedford, so we decided to head out to a pumpkin patch and possibly do a little exploring while the weather was being so cooperative. We found Silverbrook Farm in Acushnet, though didn't stay when we saw they wanted $36 for admission to their corn maze and hay rides...That's more than a little ridiculous for a pumpkin patch in my opinion. Off we went, enjoying the beautiful leaves and quaint scenic Acushnet. We stopped at the Acushnet Creamery for some ice cream and three small cones cost us the same as we paid for lunch earlier, but it really was good ice cream!

After our sweet creamery break we carried on into Fairhaven for a bit of shopping at two of my favorite stores up here: Euro at Phoenix and the Sea Witch. Euro has so much to look at, it's a little overwhelming--everything from postcards and souvenir-ish type items, to all things nautical and sea themed for decorating, kitchen gadgets, jewelry, even clothes, bags, shoes and boots, and a fair sized toy room as well. After dawdling a while in there, we crossed the street to the Sea Witch, which (which witch) is a more gifty, collectible kind of place with all sorts of lovely, beautiful little things. We lingered on the sidewalk, looking at all their Halloween decorations and a few costumes they had hung out for sale.

Just as we started inside my arm began to twitch. I'd felt pressure building in my head and neck as we were wandering through Euro but hoped it would simply pass. Bill had to lead me out of the store as I stood and shook on the sidewalk in the middle of Fairhaven, waiting for the tremor to end. It's embarrassing and humiliating standing there helpless while passersby are talking about you. I know they meant well, offering to call for help or give us a ride back to our car, but I felt like I'd rather die than be this human spectacle, shaking uncontrollably for all to see. The tremor was one of the worst I've had since my surgery in February and another milder one followed it in the car on the way home. They've been coming in waves like that for the past month or so. I don't know which is worse, being a public spectacle or the thought that the doctors have no idea what's wrong or how to make it stop.

Today should be fairly quiet. Cindy (Bill's sister) asked Ashlee to stay with Mom and Dad for the day so she can head up to Boston to spend some time with her two sons, Paul and Ryan, Paul's girlfriend, Bridget, and their baby, sweet little Gabey. We'll likely head over and hang out with Ash, maybe have a little cookout later and enjoy some time on the pond (Cindy lives on Sassaquin Pond and it's so serene and beautiful--I'll have to post a few pics later on.) For now, it's about time to leash up Tucker and pound out a few miles around the plan for a good morning run. I've printed out the week's zendala template and have to do my Idea Journal page yet. It's a good day for some artistic and family adventures...and we still need pumpkins!!

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