Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up

So we've passed our first week here, but this will be our first 'full week' for a normal(-ish) routine and the To Do List overflows...Mondays are always my main cleaning day of the week and added to that today are a couple phone calls: Comcast to fix our phone issues-we can receive calls from cell phones but not land lines, though curiously telemarketers can still get through...just not anyone we actually want to talk to...How the heck does that happen?? And also the doctors our neighbors recommended to see if they're accepting new patients and to hopefully get Bug an appointment scheduled for his physical for school. This practice has an impressive line up that includes several specialists, including a neurology department, so definitely praying we can be seen there!

Arting projects are piling up. Two weeks worth of zendalas are still looking at me, along with last week's Diva challenge and this week's should be posted later this morning. I've at least got my weekly Idea Journal page drawn in and ready for coloring, but I need to get some breakfast in me and a quick workout done, then hopefully I can get back to finishing that later this afternoon. And then I have my Walls Notebook to play with yet!! Ideas are brimming and I'm jotting them down as they come...just need to find the time to play!!

Christmas shopping and planning is also in full gear. I managed to create my ten week break down list and am starting to scratch things off. I even finally found my address book so I can do my Christmas card list and start getting those addressed and ready for mailing! Yay! Though I still need to get Bug's Halloween costume together and make sure I have enough candy for trick-or-treaters....

I'm hoping to get a better feel for how the weeks will flow now that company's gone home and hubster and kidster are back at work and school. We managed to get the majority of the week's grocery shopping done yesterday morning (yeah, no church thing at a time...) so that's a big help to freeing up a chunk of time for me. I just don't like shopping on Sundays (or with the rest of the family since we end up spending more when everyone's there wanting this, that, and the other....I DO have a list I'm working with, people!!) It'll all come together...I'm just such a huge routine freak and find comfort and peace in the regular day-to-day things most other people find boring, I think...Well, I never claimed to be like anybody else...

Pictures?? I'm getting there...I'm also forgetting poor brain is swimming in too many different directions!! Trying to remember to breathe and relish the reality of where we are and that we're finally all together again. Life is good--really, really good.

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