Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Listing...

Moving and buying a new home is a list-aholic's dream. Stick that on top of upcoming holidays and I'm list-delirious! And I've only started thinking about some of the lists that need to be made! My weekly cleaning list has expanded exponentially with getting each specific room in order. Then there's the 'Dream List' of things we want to do around the house-decorating, changing, planting, painting, etc...I have floating in my head a miscellaneous list of details that need immediate attention: finding a doctor (Bug needs a physical for school), locating my address book so I can work on my Christmas card list, researching fall festivals and other groovy activities to do around the area (seal watching season begins next month!! Yeah, that's right--seals!!! Whale season begins in spring--aaahhh!!) I just, well, re-started my Christmas list. I had some notes jotted here and there but finally put together my ten week shopping/planning/baking countdown list. Ten weeks, people!! I'm ready! I usually start Christmas planning earlier but waiting to move put a postponement on that party, so it's time to kick things in gear and get going!

I'm still unpacking--Bill's clothes and Bug's 'stuff'...Everything else is put away. I need to set up the exercise room downstairs. It's gettin' a little chilly out there in the mornings...won't be long before I'll be back on the treadmill and I'll need my Harry dvd's ready to go! I pulled out some of my Zentangle goodies yesterday afternoon but didn't get much done...I think my brain is still running on overload. But, it'll come. Things are slowly settling down and we're getting back to our regular routines. We've officially been here a week!

Bug gets out of school early today. Fridays they're done at 1:30 which means I need to pay attention to the clock so I make it to the bus stop on time! They won't let the kids off the bus unless there's a parent or family member there to meet them, and if there isn't anyone the kids have to go back to school and wait for someone to come pick them up. Crazy, but I like the idea that they're not letting kids go home to an empty house.

And tonight is Date Night!! Ash is coming over to stay with Bug while Bill and I get to go out on an actual Date! I think we're going to Davy's Locker for dinner downtown, then a little stroll on the beach (bundled up--it's gonna be chilly tonight!!) Tomorrow Bug starts bowling again and Sunday we're heading to a pumpkin patch in Acushnet. Looking like a great weekend ahead!!

One quick pic this morning--Loki on his new gym in the office...he's a happy boy!

I know I need to finish pics of the house and, believe it or not, the leaves are just starting to change here! Driving up, the prettiest leaves were in Wilkes Barre. I was really suprised how green everything was when we got here! But now it's starting to color up--so pretty!! More pics soon...I promise (just means ya'll have to keep checking back--haha!)

Happy Weekend everybody!!

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