Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Happening

Over nine months in, it's finally happening. Our closing is scheduled, the movers are lined up, and my heart is racing with the reality. I get to see my husband on Tuesday and we pull out of Butler in less than a week...I hardly slept last night, feeling like a little kid at Christmas--it's here, it's finally here!! I have a feeling I won't sleep much at all this coming week as the day draws nearer, but that's okay-I can sleep in MA!

I've already begun listing all the places I want to go and things I want to do when we first get there and texting Bill with each one:
toes in the ocean
Portuguese soup
the whaling museum
the New Bedford Merchant (my favorite store in town!)...

Okay, the museum and Merchant can wait a little bit--they're not going anywhere...but they are two of my favorite things in New Bedford. I'm sure I'll find a hundred  more favorite little places once we're there and settled and we can go off exploring on the weekends. I'll have my hubby home on the weekends! That's not happened since we left Ohio almost eight years ago! Wow...

I'm so excited about the drive up--could the timing be more perfect? The leaves should be simply magnificent, more brilliant the further north we get...Making a note to charge my camera battery for the ride! Got the foliage map--and downloading their foliage map app! I am set to see me some leaves!!

Packing up a few odds and ends yet around the house, though there's not too much left. There's certainly no food left in the house other than for the dogs and birds...and Bug's hit a growth spurt and all he wants to do is eat! I need to stock up on road snacks too before we get going...a-Walmart-ing I shall go! Here we go, people!!!

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