Saturday, September 29, 2012


I snagged this idea from the blog of a favorite local artist, Marcia Furman. I'm list happy so I couldn't help myself from wanting to play along with her list of all the things she's doing here we go:

Reading: I just finished Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It was pretty good, definitely sucked me in and held me captive til the end. Now I have a panic moment because ALL my other books are packed and I'm not sure which box Feast for Crows is in...what will I read??? Oh Kindle is still sitting on my nightstand with only five hundred plus books on it. I'm good! I'm good...just not any George RR Martin on there...mannnn....

Watching: Greys! Hallelujah! RIP Mark Sloan...oh my gosh, I just bawled yesterday...Second panic moment--our cable won't be hooked up yet at the new house until FRIDAY and I won't be able to DVR "What Really Happened!!!" Yeah, yeah, I can watch it online--and I will. Comcast is hooking us up somewhere around lunchtime on Friday. Oh--second hallelujah--we're getting HBO! (singing HBOOOOOOO!!!!) So I am SET for March 31 when Season Three premieres (yeah, that's Game of Thrones, people!! Aaaahhh!!)

Listening to: Not really anything new...but I guess the best of what I'm listening to is my running playlist--while I'm running! It feels so good to feel happy enough to want to run again. What's on that playlist? A ridiculous schizophrenic mix, but it works for me. Korn, Third Day, Adele, some Rusted Root, Nickleback, David Crowder, Primus, Miley Cyrus, Lady's all over the place! Pandora channels for tangling time! I have an instrumental channel which started with Ludovico Einaudi and somehow progressed to include Harry Potter soundtracks (go figure how that ever got in there! But they're so fun to listen to!) and then I started another channel of ocean waves and whale songs to transport me north to them both!

Thinking about: Moving, of course, and just how the ride's gonna go. Whew!! And planning the Blueberry Loft! Okay, that probably won't happen until next least getting it started anyway. That'll be a project! (The Loft is going to be my art studio above the garage...) Seeing my love!! Ray's Pizza for our first dinner in MA on Thursday! My toes in the ocean!

Loving: Zentangle and Zendalas-that has been such a beautiful escape for me this year. These last moments with my friends. That this nightmare of a year is almost behind us!!

Looking forward to: Getting settled and being with Bill's family (and Bill! We have nine months to catch up on!!) The ocean! Fall in New England, followed shortly thereafter by the holidays!

Making me happy: That's kind of the same as Loving above...Bug...I can't get over that he's eleven and he's been super sweet and helpful lately, and polite! It catches me off guard when he says thanks for something I've done and I didn't prompt him to say it. That feels really awesome...being appreciated. And the leaves starting to change--I love fall, the weather, the colors, that light nip in the air. And candy corn pumpkins--aahhh!!!

What are you doing currently?

Thanks Marcia!

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