Saturday, July 30, 2011

In The Beginning...

Okay, so I wanted my blog title to actually be:
Life in the Trenches (or Beneath the Couch Cushions)
Musings of a Modern Day Mom
But the template wouldn't let me cram in that many is what it is. Anyway, here is today's post:

Saturday, July 30, 2011
I have been bitten once again by the bug to write. Just simple things, if need be, to get me moving and motivated to something on a grander scale as time goes by. So I will blog or journal and try my best of my bestest to write SOMETHING every day--other than my grocery or to-do list. A bite of my life, a candid shot into my world. Simple blatherings to just get words on paper. I have to do this. I am wasting my life doing nothing. Okay, I'm not doing nothing. I am a mom and a wife and a pet care-taker (three dogs and five, soon to be nine, birds--I am raising my first clutch of parrotlets). So, I'm certainly NOT doing NOTHING. I'm just not doing anything I need to do to feed my creative soul. I paint once in a while but there's that little voice in my head that says I'm not going to make a decent income at painting. Gracious friends ask for camp signs or such. I like to paint as gifts, especially for my sister, who is my third biggest fan after my husband and son. I'm just not going to make a dent in finding tuition for my son to go to Christian school with painting or fund a family vacation to Italy and I'm not making a mark for myself in the world. I would love to one day see my name in print. I may not be the world's next JK Rowling but to have, first, an article published, and eventually a book--dare I dream!! Oh Lord, I pray...I can do this! I can do this and I can get paid to do this. To quote my most recent favorite book, The Art of Racing in the Rain-"That which you manifest is before you." I can do this. I must do this.

Today's observation of the morning was Domino (one of the dogs next door). I could see a flicker of his white tail flashing between their deck railings. I couldn't see him, just a flash of white, gone, flashing white, gone--his tail wagging as he waited to be acknowledged and granted entrance into the house from the back door, and maybe breakfast. Stellar is a dog name that popped into my head the other day. I am to write about Stellar, a shelter dog, with a white tail flashing morse code signals between the deck railings: ""
Or something like that. Such is how my mind works.

I love words. I love reading words and I love writing words. I love, more than both, reading my own words. I love God. I would love to write about my relationship with God, devotionals, to give glory to Him for this precious gift of writing. I would love to be heard by someone other than myself. I can't achieve that if I don't write and the only one responsible for making me write is me. I can do this.

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